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Loneliness Epidemic

Why do I feel so lonely?

You might be asking yourself ‘why do I feel so lonely‘, don’t worry you’re not alone. The British Red Cross found that there are over 9 million lonely people in the UK and over 1 million of them are students (Campaign to End Loneliness, 2019).  Our survey responses and interviews indicated that over 90% of students sampled had felt lonely at university. 97% of students said they would or may use an app to find friends and over 95% stated the app may have been particularly useful to them during the fresher’s period.
Alone in the city

One in six students say they have no ‘true friends’ at university.

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Alarmingly high levels of anxiety, loneliness, substance misuse and thoughts of self-harm.
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Over 15% of students said they felt lonely on a daily basis.
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Loneliness is an epidemic that is in part due to advances in technology that was meant to bring people closer together. It’s time for ‘Sociable Media’ to replace social media. Through the GetTogether mobile application users can to find like-minded people and make new friends to spend time with. The app helps users to organize events with their current friends too, so it’s even easier to stay close.